Two Pillars

Two Pillars

Perna Content, Indochina Arts Partnership, and many volunteers have already done so much of the work, filming, translating, editing of Two Pillars. We now seek financial and production partners to help us finish these two films about two of Vietnam’s most important artists, Tran Van Can and Nguyen Tu Nghiem.

This project has been in the making since 1992 when David Thomas and his small crew of volunteers began filming Vietnam’s Masters of Vietnamese Contemporary Art. 

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The Art of Nom

The Art of Nom

Art of Nom is a film about a revolutionary group of five Vietnamese artist/scholars, called the Zenei Group. They are reviving, a thousand-year- old Vietnamese script called Nom. For more than 1,000 years Chinese Han was the script used in Vietnam. Then in the 11th century, the Vietnamese created their own script. A charismatic and very idiosyncratic artist named Le Quoc Viet leads the Zenei Group. Their art explores Vietnamese history within contemporary society. Using calligraphy and Nom, Zenei wants Vietnam’s contemporary culture to interact with the nation’s rich history. Le Quoc Viet and Zenei are trying to halt the erosion of traditional Vietnamese culture. For centuries many Vietnamese could read and write both the Chinese characters and the Nom characters. In 1945 Vietnam shifted to its current phonetic script based on the Latin alphabet. Except for scholars, very few Vietnamese can still read Nom. Vietnam has been losing touch with much of its heritage. Nom was on the edge of extinction, and contemporary Vietnamese have faced losing touch with much of the nation’s past that preserved in the archives written in Nom. Hopefully, interest in Nom is beginning to be revived.

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Gray Matters

Image for Gray Matters

Gray Matters

Gray Matters is a half-hour television series about highly accomplished people discussing their current work, future plans, and sharing their wisdom gained through long, colorful, and celebrated careers. Perna Content is currently developing this series and looking for additional funding and partners.

“ These Masters are people who don’t retire. They reign.” Lewis Lapham

These Masters continue to work in their studios, at their cameras, on their computers, and with their instruments. They have seen extraordinary changes and lived through epic events. They have drawn wisdom from past experiences and are still making music, art, books, poetry, and waves.

This is not a series reminiscing or lamenting the loss of the golden days, when everything was purportedly better.

Our guests are making the world more humane, beautiful, interesting, and easier to understand. This series explores their observations of life — be it in business, the arts, community life, or politics.

Perna Content has done considerable work in developing this series. It now seeks financial and production partners in order to film more segments and get the series into national distribution.

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Pivot Points in History

Pivot Points in History

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War we can’t help but wonder about the “what ifs”.

Imagine a history show that combines history with scenarios but with a big twist.

For example, what if instead of being dreaded enemies, Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh had been allies of the United States?

Or what if a highly respected Time Magazine Vietnam War correspondent, a confidant of U.S. and South Vietnamese generals, politicians and diplomats, was a North Vietnamese spy?

And what if a Vietnam War correspondent had lived and traveled with the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong and made documentary masterpieces about them but virtually no Americans saw them because their government didn’t want them to?

What if President Kennedy had approved an order whose effect was to assassinate the president of South Vietnam, a close U.S. ally whom President Eisenhower had helped install in power?

Sounds too implausible and improbable?

But actually, these stories are true.

Now imagine “Pivot Points in History”.

The Truth. Imagine That.

Perna Content is pleased to announce “Pivot Points in History”. This compelling new series of history programs presents new footage, new commentary and new perspectives on crucial historical events in the context of current events, issues and emotions. “Pivot Points in History” will focus on little-known experiences that, it turned out, had major ramifications.

With the passage of so many years, more of the fog around that conflict is lifting around the 20th Century wars in Indochina. We’re seeing more clearly into events whose significance was murky at the time they happened because of under- or over-reporting, excess emotion and official and unofficial ignorance, misinformation and disinformation. Had history’s key players better understood the origins of their own decision-making, later history could have been vastly different.

“Pivot Points in History” has a unique aesthetic and perspective as it dramatizes historical topics. Most of the material has never appeared before in mainstream U.S. media. The series tackles the complex stories of people operating in tense and confusing times and isn’t afraid to accept moral ambiguities. It shows how the passage of time by itself changes our understanding. The series frequently presents events with a sense of absurdist humor, showing history’s characters as frequently caught in events over which they had little or no control. They often realize that they are in ridiculous situations: their mordant humor comes out in interviews.

We aim to make audiences laugh occasionally as they see captives of history trying to understand the chaotic and perilous situations in which they involuntarily find themselves. A bit of “Catch 22″ and the great World War II novels of Evelyn Waugh.

We use our very unusual presentation structure and incisive and entertaining analyses of historical events to heighten understanding of today’s events. We explain why people made what we see with hindsight were bad decisions but why they might have seen them as reasonable, indeed, unavoidable, at the time. The series does not seek to place blame per se but rather to help viewers understand why people do what they do in crises. We hope that these exciting stories might help us avoid some mistakes in the future. As Mark Twain said: “History may not repeat itself, but there are rhythms.’’

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Zico Coconut Water Commercial

Zico Coconut Water – Commercial

This commercial is part of a campaign produced for Zico’s sponsored endurance athlete and ultramarathon runner George Chmiel.

Art Vietnam – Nguyen Thi Chau Giang

Image for Art Vietnam – Nguyen Thi Chau Giang

Art Vietnam – Branded Web Content

Nguyen Thi Chau Giang was born in 1975 in Hanoi. Her paintings depict the inner world of one Vietnamese woman. They are private spaces which, for the most part, are never open to the public. Here one sees both the incredible joy and sadness that comes from bearing children, the loss of identity that it entails.

Art Vietnam – Ha Tri Hieu

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Art Vietnam – Branded Web Content

The artist Ha Tri Hieu, born in Hanoi in 1959, is one of Vietnam’s most important contemporary artists. He is a member of “The Gang of Five”, a group of five young artists who were the first of a new generation to gain recognition abroad in the early ‘90’s. It was, in part Hieu’s work that opened the door to young artists who wanted to paint their emotions, hopes, and dreams as opposed to idyllic countryside scenes or the Vietnamese war effort.

The Deer Team

Image for The Deer Team

The Deer Team

Perna Content has been working on an hour-long history documentary called The Deer Team. As this trailer shows, the story of an OSS team (code-named “Deer Team’’) of intelligence officers and commandos dropped into Vietnam in 1945 to help the Vietnamese fight their Japanese occupiers is a riveting tale of war, espionage and international politics at a pivot point in history.

Combining tragedy, black comedy and the clash of cultures, it also serves as an object lesson in the perils of government indecision and confusion and raises very big “what if’’ questions in light of the French and American wars in Indochina that followed the exit of the Deer Team’s charismatic cast of characters.

You will find The Deer Team a deeply engaging look at a crucial time and place in 20th Century history. The Deer Team saga reverberates to this day.

Perna Content is now seeking financial and production partners in order to complete this important documentary, much of the work for which has already been done. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create a sponsorship package that meets your marketing goals.

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Running with Luci

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Running with Luci

Running with Luci follows the journey of a 6-man ultra marathon team that runs a 150-mile race through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. They run to raise awareness for kids who suffer from rare Humans Growth Disorders. Our story begins with Luci, the 5-year-old daughter of Mike Horvath. Luci lives with a rare growth hormone disorder known as Panhypopituitarism, fatal when not treated. Struggling with insurance agencies, doctors, and the difficulties of Luci’s illness has taken a severe toll on the family – but their burden and perseverance became an inspiration for Mike’s colleague, George Chmiel. Inspired, George raised awareness for kids by competing in ultramarathons. A highly motivated George Chmiel began competing in ultramarathons, raising money and awareness for The Magic Foundation – a Chicago based non-profit that helps families dealing with these rare health disorders to get the treatment and information they need to live.

Warner Music Group – Sight of Sound

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