The Deer Team

“Deer Team” will be a new documentary with new footage, new commentary and new perspectives on crucial historical events in the context of current events, issues and emotions. ”Deer Team” will focus on a still-little-known event that, it turned out, had major ramifications.

With the passage of so many years, much of the fog around the 20th Century conflicts in Indochina is lifting. We’re seeing more clearly into events whose significance was murky when they happened because of under- or over-reporting, extreme emotions and official and unofficial ignorance, misinformation and disinformation. Had history’s key players better understood the origins of their own decision making, later history could have been vastly different.

Deer Team” will have unique aesthetic and perspective as it dramatizes historical topics. Most of the material has never appeared before in mainstream U.S. media. The films tackles the story of people operating in tense and confusing times and isn’t afraid of moral ambiguities. It shows how the passage of time by itself changes our understanding. The film frequently presents events with a sense of absurdist humor, showing history’s characters as frequently caught in events over which they had little or no control. They often realize that they are in ridiculous situations: their mordant humor comes out in interviews.

We aim to make audiences occasionally laugh as they see captives of history trying to understand the chaotic and perilous situations in which they involuntarily find themselves. A bit of “Catch 22″ and the great World War II novels of Evelyn Waugh.

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