The Deer Team

Perna Content has been working on an hour-long history documentary called The Deer Team. As this trailer shows, the story of an OSS team (code-named “Deer Team’’) of intelligence officers and commandos dropped into Vietnam in 1945 to help the Vietnamese fight their Japanese occupiers is a riveting tale of war, espionage and international politics at a pivot point in history.

Combining tragedy, black comedy and the clash of cultures, it also serves as an object lesson in the perils of government indecision and confusion and raises very big “what if’’ questions in light of the French and American wars in Indochina that followed the exit of the Deer Team’s charismatic cast of characters.

You will find The Deer Team a deeply engaging look at a crucial time and place in 20th Century history. The Deer Team saga reverberates to this day.

Perna Content is now seeking financial and production partners in order to complete this important documentary, much of the work for which has already been done. Contact us to find out how we can work with you to create a sponsorship package that meets your marketing goals.

Watch the Trailer