Gray Matters

Gray Matters

Gray Matters is a half-hour television series about highly accomplished people discussing their current work, future plans, and sharing their wisdom gained through long, colorful, and celebrated careers. Perna Content is currently developing this series and looking for additional funding and partners.

“ These Masters are people who don’t retire. They reign.” Lewis Lapham

These Masters continue to work in their studios, at their cameras, on their computers, and with their instruments. They have seen extraordinary changes and lived through epic events. They have drawn wisdom from past experiences and are still making music, art, books, poetry, and waves.

This is not a series reminiscing or lamenting the loss of the golden days, when everything was purportedly better.

Our guests are making the world more humane, beautiful, interesting, and easier to understand. This series explores their observations of life — be it in business, the arts, community life, or politics.

Perna Content has done considerable work in developing this series. It now seeks financial and production partners in order to film more segments and get the series into national distribution.

Download the GRAY MATTERS PDF for more information.

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