Running with Luci

Running with Luci follows the journey of a 6-man ultra marathon team that runs a 150-mile race through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. They run to raise awareness for kids who suffer from rare Humans Growth Disorders. Our story begins with Luci, the 5-year-old daughter of Mike Horvath. Luci lives with a rare growth hormone disorder known as Panhypopituitarism, fatal when not treated. Struggling with insurance agencies, doctors, and the difficulties of Luci’s illness has taken a severe toll on the family – but their burden and perseverance became an inspiration for Mike’s colleague, George Chmiel. Inspired, George raised awareness for kids by competing in ultramarathons. A highly motivated George Chmiel began competing in ultramarathons, raising money and awareness for The Magic Foundation – a Chicago based non-profit that helps families dealing with these rare health disorders to get the treatment and information they need to live.