Gray Matters

    Gray Matters Gray Matters is a half-hour television series about highly accomplished people discussing their current work, future plans, and sharing their wisdom gained through long, colorful, and celebrated careers. Perna Content is currently developing this series and looking for [...]

  • Nguyen Tri Chau Giang

    Art Vietnam – Nguyen Thi Chau Giang

    Art Vietnam – Branded Web Content Nguyen Thi Chau Giang was born in 1975 in Hanoi. Her paintings depict the inner world of one Vietnamese woman. They are private spaces which, for the most part, are never open to the [...]

  • Ha Tri Hieu

    Art Vietnam – Ha Tri Hieu

    Art Vietnam – Branded Web Content The artist Ha Tri Hieu, born in Hanoi in 1959, is one of Vietnam’s most important contemporary artists. He is a member of “The Gang of Five”, a group of five young artists who [...]

  • Deer Team with Allies

    The Deer Team

    The Deer Team Perna Content has been working on an hour-long history documentary called The Deer Team. As this trailer shows, the story of an OSS team (code-named “Deer Team’’) of intelligence officers and commandos dropped into Vietnam in 1945 [...]

  • finish

    Running with Luci

    Running with Luci Running with Luci follows the journey of a 6-man ultra marathon team that runs a 150-mile race through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. They run to raise awareness for kids who suffer from rare Humans Growth Disorders. [...]

  • Warner Music Group

    Warner Music Group – Sight of Sound

    Warner Music Group Sight of Sound Download the Warner Music Group – Sight of Sound PDF

  • welcome-to-lee-maine

    Welcome to Lee Maine

    Welcome to Lee Maine is the story of a small close-knit community in rural Maine that comes together to deal with [...]

  • okonomi-report

    Okonomi Report

    Okonomi Report

  • Warner Music Show

    The Mogul Show

    The Mogul Show will speak to many the recording industries most innovative executives – The Moguls [...]

  • The Power to Change the World

    Power to Change the World

    Power to Change the World

  • IBM


    In 2008, a man walks into a pizzeria in Manhattan, pointing a gun at the owner and steals the proceeds of the day [...]

  • Sparhawk


    Sparhawk Download the Sparhawk Case Study

  • maxwell-house

    Maxwell House Portrait Campaign

    Maxwell House Baker Download the Ogivly Maxwell House PDF Maxwell House Lobsterman