PERNA CONTENT focus is on non-fiction stories than can inspire or entertain. Our approach is always the same.  Whether we are creating a documentary film, web content, or a TV commercial. We will always define the best strategic thinking for our projects. Creating effective communication needs focus and strategy. Our goal is out-think not out-spend.

Gray Matters

GRAY MATTERS is a series of six shows produced in association with Rhode Island PBS. GRAY MATTERS is about highly accomplished people who discuss their current work and plans and share some of their wisdom they gained from their long, colorful and celebrated careers. Read more…

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The Deer Team

“Deer Team” will be a new documentary with new footage, new commentary and new perspectives on crucial historical events in the context of current events, issues and emotions. “Deer Team” will focus on a still-little-known event that, it turned out, had major ramifications. Read more…

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The Art of Nom

Perna Content is currently seeking to raise additional funding to continue to produce, edit and distribute a documentary film about one of Vietnam’s most important artists and scholars who are influenced by Han Nom. Initial production has already begun with filming in Hanoi and Boston but there is still much more to be done. Read more…

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