PERNA CONTENT focus is on non-fiction stories than can inspire or entertain. Our approach is always the same.  Whether we are creating a documentary film, web content, or a TV commercial. We will always define the best strategic thinking for our projects. Creating effective communication needs focus and strategy. Our goal is out-think not out-spend.


The Art of Nom

Art of Nom is a film about a revolutionary group of five Vietnamese artist/scholars, called the Zenei Group. They are reviving, a thousand-year-old Vietnamese script called Nom. Read more…

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Two Pillars

Perna Content, Indochina Arts Partnership, and many volunteers have already done so much of the work, filming, translating, editing of Twin Pillars. We now seek financial and production partners to help us finish these two films about two of Vietnam’s most important artists, Tran Van Can and Nguyen Tu Nghiem. Read more…

Gray Matters

Gray Matters is a half-hour television series about highly accomplished people discussing their current work, future plans, and sharing their wisdom gained through long, colorful, and celebrated careers. Perna Content is currently developing this series and looking for additional funding and partners. Read more…

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